Day 35: Astoria / Warrenton, OR

This morning, I rode 32 miles from Warrenton to Seaside and back.  I left Warrenton in the dark, and it was not yet sunrise by the time I reached Seaside:



I rode down to Seaside on 101, but took back roads to get back to Warrenton.  It was beautiful!



We drove across the bridge to Astoria and visited the maritime museum there:


This genuine coast guard boat was even more vertical than the photo implies, note the exhibit railing at the bottom of the photograph which is in reality horizontal:



The museum was very well done and worth the visit.  Next, we clawed our way uphill to the top of Astoria to visit the Astor Column:


After ascending the narrow spiral staircase, we were treated to some amazing views:




After the Astor Column, we stopped at an Astoria city park for a couple hours.  The kids enjoyed both the playground and the adjacent skate park using their Razor scooters. I may have put on my roller skates and given it a whirl myself.

On the way back to Warrenton, we visited South Jetty, the rock wall built in the late 1800s to narrow the mouth of the Columbia to increase the flow rate which reduces silt build up as the Columbia empties into the ocean.  The observation deck looks out onto the ocean side:



We again stayed at the Warrenton Home Depot this evening.

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