Day 70: North to Smith River

Being that Elk Valley Casino has a 2 night stay limit, we packed up today after home school and headed into town to do the laundry.  While Trish was having her quiet time in the Laundromat, I was with the kids at a local park.  The chamber of commerce had a spigot, so I shuttled 16 gallons of fresh water into the RV via 2 trips with our two 4 gallon jerry cans.

Once the clean laundry was loaded into the RV, we stopped at Safeway for groceries and headed 19 miles North to the Lucky 7 Casino.  We’re in a holding pattern until the National Parks open again so we can visit Redwoods national park.

We got to Lucky 7 in time for a great sunset.  The casino is across the street from the beach:




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