Day 441: Podcasts, School, and RV Work in Burlington

It was another cloudy, dreary day here in Washington:


Trish finalized her reorganization of the pantry:


B did some of her homeschool on her wall:


When I initially installed the door between the living room and the bathroom, the door opened outward into the living room, which caused the door to collide with B’s bedroom door.  I took the door down and remounted it so it now opens into the bathroom:


In Geography, the kids learned about and recreated the terracotta soldiers found in the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, first emperor of China:

B (left) and Trish (right) wait for their soldiers to dry:


Exciting News! We’ve finally posted podcasts that the kids produced for pervious days on our trip.  The podcasts can be found at the end of the posts for these three days:

Day 406: Great Basin National Park

Day 407: Flat Out at the Bonneville Flats

Day 410: Craters of the Moon National Monument

To avoid wearing out our welcome, we’re overnighting at the Lowe’s of Burlington.  Since we had no sun all day, I’m running the generator to charge the batteries, one of the few times we’ve had to do that on this trip.

Day 440: Ferries and Islands - the San Juans
Day 442: Burlington to Arlington

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