Day 461: Ocean Shores, WA to Lincoln City, OR

Today we said goodbye to the Quinault River Casino in Ocean Shores, WA and drove south towards Oregon.  We took on some gas in Cosmopolis, then crossed into Oregon over the Columbia River in treacherous crosswinds on the Astoria–Megler Bridge.

“But isn’t that the the longest continuous truss bridge in North America?” you may ask.  Why yes, yes it is.

At the Astoria public dump station, I asked where the Oregonians in front of us were from.  They mentioned they were from a small town near Jewell that I had never heard of, and asked me where in South Dakota we were from (since we have SD plates).  I told them we were fulltime RVers, but before I got much farther, they asked if we knew Jason and Carrie.  Turns out that they were friends, and Jason and Carrie had told them about our trip a few weeks prior.  Small world!

After stopping in Warrenton for groceries, gas, DEF, and a battery for one of the RV TPMS sensors, we continued south to Tillamook, where we stopped in at the cheese factory to buy ten blocks of kosher cheddar.

Continuing south, we arrived at our overnight destination, the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, OR:


It’s still barely breaking 50 degrees during the day, and it’s supposed to be in the mid-30s tonight.  We will continue south tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Day 461: Ocean Shores, WA to Lincoln City, OR

  1. I’ve had Tillamook kosher cheddar. A colleague/pal from Portland brought for me when he came to NYC for a business trip. Pretty good stuff.

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