Tuolumne Meadows Vacation, Day 10: Pothole Dome hike

Thursday was a relatively relaxed day.  Trish stayed back at the RV and relaxed.  Mom and Dad and I took the free shuttle up to Olmsted Point.  There, we walked up a small nature trail, and could see into Yosemite Valley from the “back side”.

On the way back, we got off the shuttle at Pothole dome.  We ate lunch on the dome’s face, and Mom and I climbed to the top.

Rather than take the shuttle, we decided to walk from Pothole dome back to the campground on a trail north of the road.  This turned out to be longer than expected, and Mom was very sorry she had only worn her tennis shoes.  It was a very beautiful walk, though.

That evening, we went to a very interesting ranger talk about glaciers, ice ages, and global warming.

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