Tuolumne Meadows Vacation, Days 11 and 12: Pothole Dome and Lyle Meadow hikes

Friday morning, we decided to go back to Pothole dome since Trish had missed it the day before.  This time, we went on a guided ranger walk.  The ranger told us all about Plutonic Granite, Dikes, and other interesting geologic features.  Since Dad knows so much about Yosemite geology, he would add stuff that the ranger had missed.


Later that day, the four of us walked from the campground, along the Merced river to Lyle Meadow, where there are several bridges across the river.  We sat there for a while, then Mom and Dad left to take showers at the lodge, while Trish and I lingered for a while.  I got a picture of Unicorn and Tricia while she did some drawing:


On the way back, I got a neat picture of a dead tree:


Mom and Dad left for home that afternoon.  Trish and I stayed in the campground.  On Saturday, we walked on a trail that skirts the edge of the campsite, first along the south edge of the campground, and then back along the Merced river.  We sat on the river bank for about an hour, watching a small trout that was hunting for food in the water right at our feet.  I think we named him Skippy….

Saturday night, we went to a ranger talk about the prominent figures that made Yosemite National Park what it is today.  It was very interesting.

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