Day 684: From Beaver Dam to the Dells

This morning I got up at 5:15 and went out for an early morning ride in the countryside around Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.  This is America’s heartland, folks:



After doing homeschool in the Walmart parking lot under torrential rains, we packed up and drove west to the amusement park town of Wisconsin Dells.  Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park had a fifty-eight dollar deal which included one night at their full hookup RV park and two days of admission for four people to the theme park:


We avoided the waterpark half of the park and spent all of our time with the go-karts and rollercoasters:





I’m not a roller-coaster rider, but Trish and the kids rode Pegasus, which has a 45-foot drop:



Pegasus was enough for B, so Trish and M rode Cyclops, with its 76-foot drop:


Trish and M then rode Zeus and Hades 360, with 85- and 140-foot drops respectively.  After that, Trish decided she was done riding roller coasters.

The kids rode the Manticore, a giant rotating swing ride:


Wood coaster detail:


We’ll be back tomorrow!

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