Day 117: In search of lost vitamins

We recently ordered and received a book called “Watch it made in the USA”, which is a book that lists the factory tours that can be had in the United States. Looking at the list for Nevada, we saw that there was a local vitamin factory that gives tours. We called the phone number listed, and asked if they still give tours. We were told that yes, they do, and we were given their new address.

After stopping at Lowes and getting our propane tank filled, we went to the address we were given but couldn’t find the factory. Calling the number again, we asked where it was and it turns out that that phone number has been assigned to a local dry cleaners, as the factory closed a number of years ago. The funny thing was that when we called them the first time, and said that we wanted to take a tour, they told us to come on by. There was no mention of the fact that they were a dry cleaner.

The upshot was that we got to see a great sunset on the way home:


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