Day 882: Again, to Quartzsite

After last night’s rain, we awoke to a surprisingly clear morning at the Railroad Pass Casino:


We drove south to visit a interesting geological area called Knob Hill.  We dropped off the RV on the dirt access road before it got too difficult to continue while towing:







We hitched back up and headed back to the highway:


Continuing south and east, we eventually crossed from Nevada into California:


After a while, we crossed into Arizona.  After a last-chance grocery stop in Parker, Arizona, we continued south to overnight at the RV center of the world, Quartzsite, Arizona.  We’ve been here several times before (see here).  Each winter, 300,000 RVs come to stay at the BLM’s La Posa long term visitor area (LTVA), where a $180 permit buys camping rights here from roughly September to April.  Around the LTVA, there are five “normal” BLM areas that allow free dispersed camping for up to two weeks:


In the past we’ve stayed at the Hi Jolly BLM area north of the LTVA and the Roadrunner BLM area south of the LTVA.  This time we decided to try the Scaddan Wash BLM area, which is East of the LTVA.

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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