Day 883: The Quartzsite Gem and Mineral Show

Today we visited the Tyson Wells Gem and Mineral Show, one of several gem shows going on in Quartzsite right now.  The show consists of temporary tent buildings where hunks of minerals, fossils, and gems are sold, as well as cabochons, beads, and findings:


This building sold imports from Morocco:


This place was selling hoverboards, and I had a great time trying one out.  The owner was surprised that I was able to not hurt myself.  I suspect all those years of roller skating really helped:


The RV show doesn’t start until the 19th, but quite a few units have already been set up here, so we spent an hour or so touring units, thinking about what our “after the kids are out of the house” RV will look like:


“Retro” campers fetch a premium:



We returned to the RV in the afternoon and did homeschool after lunch.  I’ve picked a flat, unobstructed area to camp, so if winds are good, I hope to fly tomorrow:


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