Day 886: Farewell, Quartzsite

Today I went for flight #61:


The wind was from the east, so I took off just west of the RV.  Our RV is on the right:


Miles to the east, I found this grouping of RVs:


Circling around to land, I skirted this RV park on the edge of town:


This video shows last Friday’s flight as well as today’s flight:

The kids played frisbee:



I spotted a mouse running around in the bathroom.  I had already sealed access from the basement to the main level with spray foam, so we did a bit of investigating and discovered some mouse droppings in the heating ducts.  We cleaned the ducts out and I installed steel mesh in the ducts to stop mice from coming in that way again:


After finishing the mouse proofing, we drove west and south to overnight at an abandoned campground in Salton City on the Salton Sea.  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 884: Flying and Rockhounding in Quartzsite
Day 887: Salton Sea, Day 1

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