Day 884: Flying and Rockhounding in Quartzsite

This morning I wanted to get in a PPG flight.  The wind was coming from the south, so I drove over to the southern side of the power lines so I would have an unobstructed launch:


Solo flight #60 over Quartzsite.  There aren’t many RVs here yet, either due to warm weather in the East or the weak Canadian dollar:


Although I’m nowhere near the power lines, this made Trish nervous as seen from the RV:


This video shows today’s flight as well as the flight from the following Sunday (day 886):

We next went to one of the other rock and mineral shows in town.  Thankfully this bulk water loader no longer works:


There were lots of great cabochons to choose from:



Trish bought a few cabochons and we returned to the RV.  In the afternoon, the Goodyear Blimp motored by:


Trish completed a beaded necklace built around a vintage button:


Good Shabbos from Quartzsite, Arizona:


Day 883: The Quartzsite Gem and Mineral Show
Day 886: Farewell, Quartzsite

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