Day 901: Salton Sea, Day 15

I considered flying today after homeschool, but it was pretty windy:


Trish continues to crochet baby booties:


With all this wind, I figured it would be possible to get a passenger up in the air by pushing the passenger from behind.  With the wind at 15MPH, I would only have to add a bit of ground speed to get the wing up to its flying speed.  Trish went first:


I held on the the harness when the wing came up to make sure the wing came up straight, and also to prevent Trish from being pulled back too far:


And off she goes!



Here’s a video of Tricia’s first flight:

On her second “flight”, Trish didn’t quite stick her landing, but it was OK since she was only a few feet above the ground:


M went next:




They both really enjoyed their flights!

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