Day 946: PPG Flight 100 to Concrete Arrow

This morning, in honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, a month in which we increase our happiness, Trish made green scrambled eggs to enhance our sense of whimsy:


I took my wing over to Michelle’s wing shop for repair.  A wing was being inspected:


Back on Day 861, I had laid out the wing and tried to kite it up to verify that the lines weren’t tangled.  A twig attached to the ground snagged the wing as I tried to kite the wing.  With the wing held back, my pulling on the lines caused a seam to fail where a “C” line attaches to the wing:


I called Michelle and she told me how to patch the wing, which I did:


Today, Michelle said the patch looked good but we decided to fix the wing by sewing it anyway.  I would post a photo of the repaired area, but it now looks like all the other “C” line attachment points so I’m not sure which one it is.  Thanks Michelle!

I photographed M’s overstuffed Junior Ranger wall hanging:


Tonight I launched milestone flight #100, an RV storage area in the background:


PPC pilot Ron took off right after me:



My goal for the flight was to find a nearby concrete arrow, the base for the 1930s LA-A #68 navigation beacon.  I spotted it along the ridge directly above my feet:


It was exciting and appropriate to “discover” this relic of aviation history from the air:



I would have flown lower to get a better view, but strong winds were creating turbulent conditions along the ridge, so I opted to stay up high.

I flew back to Michelle’s field.  Kirk was just taking off as I flew over:


I checked out a nearby radio controlled airplane field.  They must fly some really large R/C planes here:



Hooray for 100 post-training flights!

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