The New (for us) Truck Camper

There may be some trips for which a massive 5th wheel like our 2014 Avalanche 360RB is too large.  I found a truck camper on Craigslist and bought it for $500.  It’s a 1990 Sunline C951.  The floorplan can be found on page 11 of the manual:



The truck camper needs a good bit of work, hopefully I can get everything working.

In order to bring the truck camper home, the truck needed tie-downs to attach the truck camper to the truck.  I could have purchased a set for $450, but it rankled to pay almost as much for the tie-downs as the truck camper, so I decided to build tie-downs instead.  I welded up a pair of rear tie-downs using a bar attached to the tow receiver:


For the front tie-downs, I based my design on commercially available tie-downs:




During construction, I installed the tie-downs to make sure the fit was correct.  To tie-down the truck camper, extension bars are installed to bring a mount point out beyond the undercarriage of the truck:


Stay tuned for the rebuild of the truck camper!

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5 thoughts on “The New (for us) Truck Camper

  1. How is the rear tie down working? I am thinking to do the same thing. What size tube did you use? Do you use an anti-wiggle on the receiver?

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