Day 242: T minus 1 day to new RV

The fifth wheel hitch arrived from Amazon on Friday, so today was the day to install it as we are picking up the new RV tomorrow.  The rails have to be very carefully positioned in the bed and holes are then drilled through the bed:


Getting the fifth wheel hitch up into the bed:


Both rails installed.  Drilling holes in a brand new truck is scary!


Installing the fifth wheel hitch supports:


Tightening the frame supports for hitch:




All done!


We’re sleeping at my Parent’s house tonight and will be leaving here at 5am to head to Yuma for our new RV!

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3 thoughts on “Day 242: T minus 1 day to new RV

  1. Indeed. I’m on the road by 5am every day. Pretty crazy, but not as crazy as drilling holes int the bed of a brand new truck :)

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