Day 253: Chol Hamoed, Day 1

Note: this post was written after the conclusion of Passover.

Hello again!  The first two days of Passover were wonderful.  We had my parents over the Passover Seder on both nights.  I suspect ours was one of the few RV seders in the world.  Before Passover, I built an extra leaf for the RV table to we could seat six at the table, which worked pretty well.

Last night, we moved the RV back to BLM land.  Chol Hamoed, the intermediate days of Passover, has a quasi-holiday status, so we didn’t engage in any modifications today.  Below is a photo of our 5th wheel hitch lock which arrived in the last few days.  It prevents the RV from being hitched up and driven off while we’re gone:


A few days ago I moved over our electric meter (the white unit in the upper left corner of the photo), which we’re using to track how much of MKT’s power we consumed:


Because this new RV has so much more interior airspace than the old RV, it comes with two air conditioners.  Only the smaller of the two can run on a typical household outlet, so Passover did get a bit warm in the RV, even with the one air conditioner running fulltime during the day.

Today my parents took us up to Bonnie Springs, an old west theme park (I’m being generous here) outside of Las Vegas.  Here Dad gets driving directions from the characters:


They put on an 1830s-style melodrama.  Like in the mining camps of yore, all the parts were played by men:


We then went to the simulated hangin’:





They had a gold stamp mill on site:



Put a dollar in this fellow and he’ll sing a song for you:


There was also a small zoo onsite:


Most of the targets in the shooting gallery didn’t work:


There was also a little train that went down to the lower parking area and back:



One visit is enough for Bonnie Springs.

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