Day 306: Coast-bound again

This morning, I found this note on the doughnut holes.  Our kids need to learn to share.  Or maybe I need to learn to share:


Yesterday, my PPG companion Nick suggested we head to Sand Lake on the coast to do some flying.  We hitched up and said our farewells to Portland.  Heading West, we stopped at the dump station we used when we lived in Hillsboro (ah, the nostalgia!)  Next we stopped at Lowes, which I think occupies the former location of Griffith Polymers.  How’s that for progress?

We purchased the wall sections for the already built wall frame in the kids’ bedroom.  Having it cut here is a big time saver:


I’ll install these while we’re at the beach.  They are white and smooth, so we’re hoping the kids can each have a dry erase wall in their room!

We drove over the coast range to Tillamook, then South a bit to Sand Lake.  Were staying at the West Dunes “campground”, which is just one large paved area adjacent to the dune field which is two miles long and about a quarter mile wide, and is adjacent to the beach at the South end where we’re staying.  When we arrived it was very windy, but tomorrow’s forecast looks better.  Hopefully I can get in the air!

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