Day 315: Distracted by Knobby Tires

You know you’re in Canada when the Hardware and Automotive stove called Canada Tire has this section:


Canada Tire is my new favorite store, it’s like Ace Hardware + Walmart + Napa auto parts.  I was able to buy an inch-pound torque wrench for my paramotor as well as 4 gallons of DEF for the truck.  I’m glad we stocked up before we left the US, as many stores are out of stock, and without it, the truck won’t go faster than 5 miles per hour.

Heading West, Trish was reading some tourist information and found out that there’s a world famous (or at least regionally notable) mountain biking park in Burns Lake, BC.  The trail map shows an extensive network of trails:


This is just a portion of the skills park at one of two sites:


We rode a number of trails in the bike park half of the complex:

It turns out that the park includes free RV parking, so we decided to stay here for the night.  See the trip map for details.

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2 thoughts on “Day 315: Distracted by Knobby Tires

  1. Um, It’s Urea. Can’t you just, you know, whiz into a bottle and dump it in?
    Pee, it’s not just for radiators anymore. :)

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