Day 332: North to Fairbanks

This morning, we drove West to Fairbanks.  While we did see two moose on Thursday’s drive, today we did not see any.  After reaching Fairbanks and having lunch, we went to the visitor center which had an extensive exhibit area:




The kids completed their Junior Ranger books for the center and received their badges:


You know you’re in Alaska when…


From the visitor center, we went to Arctic Bowl and played a game.  Here I am coaching B:


Not that I know what I’m doing myself:


M gives it a throw:


In the end, I narrowly avoided defeat by M, who had two strikes and a spare!


When we fill up the fresh water tank, water sometimes spills back into the “water closet” through the smaller overflow line or the larger vent line when we park at an angle, making a mess.  I added hoses with shutoffs to these two holes so that this won’t happen anymore.  I just have to remember to open them up again when we’re done driving for the day.  This is only a problem when the tank is completely full:


Tomorrow, we will drive to Coldfoot, where we will leave the RV the following morning as we drive with just the truck to Prudhoe Bay, dip our toes in the Arctic Ocean, and drive back to Coldfoot in one day.  The day after that, we will drive back down to Fairbanks.  It’s a grueling 1,000 miles over 3 days, 75% of it on gravel roads, but we figure if we came this far, we might as well go as far North as we can by car.  See the trip map for the driving legs to the Arctic as well as today’s drive and our current location.

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2 thoughts on “Day 332: North to Fairbanks

  1. i really love reading your posts, experiencing the world vicariously through your photos…
    seeing all the handiwork and planning and though that goes into each step over the journey… it’s amazing!
    keep it up!

    • Thanks, it always nice to hear from folks following our wanderings across North America! Feel free to rent an RV and join us anytime.

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