Day 372: Welcome to South Dakota

Getting off to a late start, we continued East into South Dakota.  The route we’ve taken since leaving Alaska was designed to specifically get us to South Dakota.  Since we no longer have a permanent domicile, we decided to transition our state of residency to South Dakota, with its lack of state income tax and its low 3% tax on vehicle purchases.  We initiated this transition before buying the truck and 5th wheel, but we did have to physically be in South Dakota to get our new drivers licenses.

South Dakota law requires that we reside in South Dakota for one night before giving residency status, so we stayed at a small private campground behind an RV dealership near Sturgis, South Dakota:


The $17 fee doesn’t get us working WiFi, but we do get full hookups and, more importantly, a receipt we can use to show our one night of “living” in South Dakota.  See the trip map for driving details.

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