Searching for the perfect campsite

This summer, we took the RV to a couple of state campgrounds.  It was crowded and not so much fun.  Off-season RVing in Oregon was great – the weather was mild and the campgrounds were empty.  In the northeast, the campgrounds are only open from April to September, and they are very crowded.

The good news is that, in National Forests and on BLM land, there’s something called dispersed camping.  Basically, you can camp anywhere so long as you’re a certain distance from the nearest paved road, etc.  Unfortunately, the northeast has no BLM land and very few national forests.

The nearest national forest for us is Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont.  In September, we drove up to find the perfect campsite.

In all, we logged close to 80 potential sites.  Along the way, we found this great bridge:



One of the areas that we found had enough space to park the RV and opened up onto a secluded pond:


More marsh land beyond:


The kids ran around:




Zoological discoveries:



The road to get to this site was really bad, so I don’t know if we could make it towing the RV.  Come spring, I think we will give Green Mountain a try.

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