2010 Summer Vacation, Day 2

Last night I learned that there’s a certain science in selecting an overnight parking spot at Walmart.  For example, don’t park next to the dumpster, because it gets emptied at 4AM.  Grr.

We got on the road at a reasonable hour.  The plan had us driving 386 miles from Clarion, PA to South Bend, Indiana.  We would be spending Shabbos there.

Since we stopped in Stroudsburg, we would have to drive 626 miles.  It was doable, but we would have to skip our planned stop at the RV Hall of Fame.  I wasn’t that disappointed, as it was expensive, but I thought it would be fun to see the museum with its antique RVs.  Oh well, next time.

image Everything was going well until exit 91 on I-80, a bit Southwest of Toledo, Ohio.  I felt the trailer lurch, and Trish could see chunks of tire flying off the passenger side of the RV.  We pulled over to see what was up.  I didn’t take a picture of our blown out tire, but it looked something like this one I found online:


We called AAA, but they only cover our SUV.  We would need to have AAA-with-RV (or whatever) to cover the trailer as well.  I guess we need to re-evaluate our choice roadside insurance provider.

Using the SUV’s bottle jack, I was able to install the spare.  I’m glad I checked and inflated the spare before we left.

We assumed that the blowout was due to overloading, so we drove to the next rest area and moved as much heavy stuff as we could from the RV to the SUV.

imageIt was about at this time that we noticed that the SUV’s air conditioning wasn’t working.  The RV’s thermostat showed an ambient temperature of 100 degrees, and we were definitely uncomfortable to say the least.


The next priority was buying a new spare, in case we would have another blowout.  A couple of calls later, we found a Tractor Supply in nearby Freemont, OH.  They didn’t have any 215/75 R14s, but they did sell mounted 205/75 R14s, so we bought one and installed it in the RV’s spare carrier.  We left the mangled rim in the dumpster.

At this point, we knew we weren’t going to make it to South Bend.  We looked at spending Shabbos in Toledo, but even that was a stretch.  We found a nearby campground, Paradise Acres, and made our way there.  We got set up just in time for a huge thunderstorm.

In the end, we drove about 500 miles.  Here’s our route:



“B” is the blowout location, and “C” is tractor supply:


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