2010 Summer Vacation, Day 3

Shabbos was nice.  It was a hot day, but the RV was plugged in (as it would have been had we made it to South Bend) so the A/C was working.  We went for a couple walks to check out the campground’s marina and playground.  The campground is 99% seasonal, meaning that the residents bring their RV there and stay for the whole summer.  They then move to somewhere like Florida for the winter.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to stay here for half the year.  Then again, the steam rising out of the cooling tower a mile or so down the road is pretty in the sunset.

The campground is right off of lake Erie, so lots of folks had ocean-themed accessories in their “front yard”, like waist-high lighthouses and rope-lashed driftwood faux pilings.  A lot of folks were playing Cornhole, which we have never heard of, much less played.

Motzei Shabbos, we were supposed to be traveling from South Bend to the Walmart in Beloit, Wisconsin.  We realized that, even if we were in South Bend, it was hardly worth packing up (and later setting up again) only to drive a couple of hours, so we decided to stay put for the night.

On Friday, I had realized that the brakes on the RV were acting funny.  The RV didn’t brake well, and when it braked, the trailer was pulling to one side.  I decided that the RV brakes needed adjustment, so I crawled under the RV in the pouring rain and got to work.  Basically, the RV is jacked up, and the brake tension is adjusted until the wheel doesn’t turn, then backed off so the wheel spins freely.  During this procedure, I realized that the passenger-side wheel didn’t spin all that well regardless of brake tension.  I decided to buy new bearings for that hub, but that would presumably have to come on Monday.

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