Day 33: Clatsop State Forest, OR to Warrenton, OR

In the morning I took a quick ride to look for more dispersed camping sites.  Here we are ready to leave our overnight spot:


After another 20 minutes of driving, we were in Seaside.  It was the first time our kids visited the Pacific.  They are now truly transcontinental travellers:



We stopped at the arcade, and each played one game.  The kids were amazed at my skills at Sega’s “After Burner”:


We noticed on the way into Seaside that the lousy welding job we had paid to have done in New York to attach our bike rack to the RV was starting to crack badly, so we carefully drove North to Warrenton where the guys at Affordable Portable Weld and Fab fixed the rack mount.  They were friendly and did a great job, and even let us park here for the night!  Here they are welding away:


While they were working, I tried fixing our hitch jack which also broke today.  Looks like I’ll need to buy a new one:


As I said, we will be staying here tonight.  Tomorrow we will visit sites in the Warrenton and Astoria area.

We drove 26 miles today.   See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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