Day 456: Cold and Windy Beach

Last night was very windy, and I had to get up in the middle of the night to stow the WiFi cowling, which had blown off the roof of the RV where I store it when it’s been unscrewed.  Towards dawn, I got up again and hitched the RV up to the truck since the RV was moving around in the wind so much that I was worried the front jacks would snap off.

The high winds continued this morning.  After homeschool, we wandered down to the beach where we leaned back into the wind:


Last night’s storm flooded the path from the casino to the beach:


Before dinner, the kids built the Great Wall of China out of sugar cubes as part of geography class.  They also recorded another Roadschool Minute podcast, which we will post in the future:


Towards sunset, the sun actually came out for a couple minutes.  Hopefully we will have better weather tomorrow!


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