Day 457: Follow the Sanderlings

After homeschool on our second day at the Quinault Casino we drove South to the nearest vehicular beach access.  Cars can be driven on this length of Washington’s shoreline, so we drove North for a bit on the beach and then got out to walk.

We soon came upon a flock of Sanderlings:


The kids took it upon themselves to make sure that the birds got in their flight time for the day:



The ocean carves out interesting patterns around driftwood:


The kids found a long strand of kelp:



B stood at the rear bumper of the truck to compare the kelp’s length with that of the truck:


In the afternoon, I rode north to check out how to access Copalis airstrip, the only public airstrip in the US which is in fact on the beach.  Turns out access is three miles north at Rosevelt Beach, followed by a three mile drive south on the beach to get to the airstrip.  Here’s the view from Roosevelt Beach looking south:


I won’t have time to fly my PPG from Copalis today, but hopefully on Sunday.

By late afternoon, most of the spots here at the Casino were full of RVs.  We will have to find out what’s going on.

Good Shabbos from the Quinault Casino in Ocean Shores, Washington!

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