Day 459: Hangin’ with the clam diggers

Like the time we accidentally embedded in a motorcycle hillclimbing competition, or a Brittany field trial competition, this Shabbos we accidentally found ourselves in the narrow band of Washington’s coast that allows non-natives to dig clams for an eight-day period centered on this weekend.  The Quinault Casino RV lot, in which we were the only tenant since we arrived on Wednesday night, was completely full by Saturday afternoon.  All the RVs were local, and come 8pm, when the allowed dig time began, the lot was eerily quiet, until about midnight when everyone came back from the beach.

Here’s the view this morning, after some of the RVs had already left:


After homeschool, we drove into town to do a bit of shopping.  I drove down to the airport, as unfortunately my dream of PPGing from Copalis airstrip was denied by high winds today.  Tomorrow has calmish winds from the East, so that rules out Copalis, as the bluffs above the beach would cause rotor on the beach, but the airport will have easterly winds coming in over the bay, so it should be calm.

We stopped in at a great kite shop and browsed for a bit:


Tonight Trish worked on some rock art:


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