Day 83: Running out of casinos

As we continue our survey of the Native American casinos of coastal northern California, we’ve found that while some of the casinos are rather lavish, some are a bit more modest, like the Red Fox casino in Laytonville.  Nonetheless, it was a great spot to stop overnight, and we enjoyed their hospitality:


We drove quite a ways south today to Hopland, California, where, unfortunately, the southernmost casino on our route is located.  It will feel strange going back to staying at Walmarts after staying at casinos almost exclusively for the past three weeks.

Hopland is home to the Solar Living Institute, a facility that demonstrates the integration of various renewable energy technologies and recycled materials.  For example, their bathroom stall walls are made of recycled prescription medicine bottles:


They had a tiny house on display:



Behold the geodesic greenhouse next to the windmill that drives the water pump, both of which are in front of the 10,000 watt solar array:


They’ve used old cars as planters for trees.  The display board describes as it as a tit-for-tat in response for the trees that have been hollowed out for cars to drive through.  Hmm…..


We climbed up into the absurdly high treehouse:



Sun kissed RV:


Sunset over the main building (made out of sustainable materials, naturally) and the bio-diesel pump:


We parked for the night at the Sho-Ka-Wah casino outside of Hopland, CA.

  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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