Day 82: Say Cheese!

We left Bear River Casino and headed into downtown Loleta.  I love towns where one can see farmland in all directions when standing in the heart of “downtown”.

I’m not sure what this factory was for back in the day:


We dropped by the Loleta Cheese Factory, where there are a couple viewing windows to watch the cheese-making process:


They also have a small garden out back:




Continuing south, we exited US 101 and drove the length of the Avenue of the Giants.  Along the way, we stopped at a small room built under a hollowed out Redwood stump.  The room is round and about 15 feet across:


Here’s the view from the outside:


The Avenue of the Giants goes into and out of old growth Redwood groves as it parallels US 101.  I was mentally doing my best Endor forest speeder imitation as we wove our way through the groves:


We continued south after rejoining US 101, stopping for the night at the Red Fox Casino near Laytonville, California.

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