Day 596: Las Vegas Urban RVing, Day 1

Today promises to be a normal weather day here in Las Vegas, which is about ten degrees hotter than Cottonwood.  So long as we keep the slides in, the neighborhood watch doesn’t bother us:


We are considering replacing our 3 burner, 1ish cubic foot RV range with a four burner, 5 cubic foot residential gas range.  This would involve tearing out cabinetry, adding electrical service behind the range, and modifying the range to run on propane rather than natural gas.  We visited a few stores to see what’s available in black and stainless:


Trish has been wanting to replace the RV sofa with a living room set that takes up less space.  This set has ottomans that come out from under the chairs.  L’Chaim!


Bubbe and Zayde took us out to dinner at Sababa’s.  I’m not sure what’s going on here:


On the way home we purchased the furniture set and set it up where the sofa used to be:


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