Day 599: Installing the New Oven

Shabbos was just a bit on the hot side of comfortable, with highs in the high 80s.  We had lunch with Rabbi and Mrs. H and their children, which is always a pleasure!

Today we moved back to my parents’ house from the synagogue.  This will use up the last 24 hours of the 72 hours per month we’re allowed to be parked in front of their house, so tomorrow we will have to move on.

Today’s project was to replace the RV range with a residential range.  Our current oven is about the size of a microwave oven, and Trish could really use more space for cooking more elaborate Shabbos and holiday meals.  Here’s what we started with:


The first step was to remove the range:




Next I removed the cabinetry and countertop around the range, leaving a 34” wide alcove for the new range:


Next I added an outlet for the residential range and modified the propane plumbing to attach to the new range while preserving the quick release propane connector for our catalytic heater


After replacing the natural gas orifices in the cooktop and making a few other adjustments in the oven, the new range was ready to run on propane instead of natural gas.  After attaching the propane line and plugging into the new outlet, the new range is ready to go:


The only down side is that the oven seems to keep the 400-watt electric igniter on whenever the oven is heating (as opposed to turning off once the gas is ignited), so we will have to be careful not to use the oven for several hours when the solar system isn’t charging the battery.

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2 thoughts on “Day 599: Installing the New Oven

  1. If the igniter is still running, then your thermopyle sensor might not be directly over the flame somewhere.
    Maybe it just needs adjusting?

    • I assumed that it was a design choice, isn’t it possible it’s supposed to stay on the whole time to insure the gas stays lit?

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