Day 112: Generator fixes and familly time

Days have a way of slipping by here in Las Vegas as we spend time with my parents and attend to a number of little fixes and modifications that we’ve been saving for when we have a real garage to work out of. A few things also had to wait as I needed parts which I had shipped to my parent’s house. Amazon Prime is great with free two-day shipping, but it seems packages can’t be addressed to “BLM land outside of Joshua Tree National Park”.

Last night, we left our great curbside parking next to one of the community’s Rabbis and drove the RV to my parent’s house. Their HOA only allows one 72 hour stay per month, so we’re here until Friday afternoon, at which point we will go back to the Rabbi’s house.

This morning, on the way home from synagogue, we passed a group of cyclists on a group ride.  They shouted their website to me as I was driving, so I went home, loaded the que sheet into my phone, changed into my cycling gear and hit the road.  I was about 30 minutes behind them, and after 26 miles I had reduced the gap to 15 minutes at the finish.  Here’s the route:


One of the issues we’ve had for weeks is that the generator only runs when the choke is partially choked. I was pretty sure that the issue was with one of the jets being clogged in the carburetor, but the jet’s hole is smaller than the diameter of a staple leg, so I had to order a set of very small drill bits to attempt the cleaning.

Here’s the jet on the container of mini drill bits. Something is clearly stuck in the jet:


After clearing the debris by gently augering the hole with a dril bit, the jet is ready to be reinstalled:


My brother and I started up the generator and it now runs flawlessly!

As long as we had the generator open, I installed an inline fuel filter I’ve been carrying since we left New York so that future fuel contaminants are trapped by the filter and don’t clog the jet again:


Meanwhile, Trish was making a feast of a dinner with Mom and my brother’s girlfriend:


Another productive and yummy day in Las Vegas!

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