Summer 2018, Day 13: Tire Upgrade and Radiator Repair

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise at Paramotor City:


I tried flying, but the wind kept shifting directions which foiled my launch attempts:




In the afternoon we relocated to the Chabad of Albuquerque:


I drove over to a building shared by a tire shop and a radiator shop, which was convenient as I upgraded our other two RV tires and our spare, one of which failed yesterday, to 14-ply tires so they now match the other two we upgraded a few days ago.  While that was being done, the radiator shop replaced a leaking coolant hose on the truck that’s been causing us trouble for the past few days:


Back at the RV, Trish and the kids got ready for Shabbos:


Good Shabbos from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

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