Day 337: Denali National Park

This morning, Trish laid out M’s Junior Ranger badges and patches on the fabric that she is going to use to display them.  We’ve been to quite a few National Parks and Monuments:



We drove South to Denali National Park, where the kids got to work on their Junior Ranger books:


Another badge for the collection:


We stopped by the kennels.  The Park Service mushes sleds in the winter through the park for perimeter patrol, search and rescue, scientific research, and trail and facility maintenance:


The sled shed had some displays:


There are about 40 dogs here at the kennels:



A boy and his dog:


The dogs are quite regal:


Stop staring at me!





The tack room, which features the nameplates of dogs no longer at the kennel:


The main attraction of Denali National Park is Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America.  From base to summit, McKinley is taller than Everest, and it is the largest mountain by volume of any mountain situated entirely above sea level.  Sightings of the mountain are infamously elusive, as McKinley is so tall it generates its own clouds.  There’s only a 30% chance of sighting McKinley on any given day.  Today was very cloudy, so we drove South to overnight at a roadside free campground just North of where the best roadside views of the mountain can be had.  Hopefully the weather will be good after Shabbos and we can see the mountain as we continue South.

This afternoon I replaced a couple of the cell antenna members that had been broken off by low hanging branches.  This is the smallest diameter aluminum pipe Lowe’s had, hopefully it doesn’t affect the antenna’s tuning too much:


Good Shabbos from near Denali National Park!  See the trip map for driving details and our current location.

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