Day 79: Hunkering down at Cher-Ae Casino

After homeschooling for the first half of the day, I went for a ride.  This stretch, with the trees forming a canopy over the road, was especially beautiful:




Back at the casino, our son made his first challah:


In case you’re wondering, here’s what casino parking looks like.  As in this case, there’s usually a separate lot for RVs.  That’s the casino in the distance, and we have a neighbor, though I think this unit is just being stored here:


Gut Shabbos from the Cher-Ae Casino near Trinidad, CA!

Day 78: Trinidad walkabout

After homeschooling this morning, we walked 1.5 miles from the Casino into Trinidad, California.  We visited the Humboldt State University Marine Lab, which has some exhibit space as well as touch tanks out back:




They have aquariums indoors as well:



Afterwards we hiked out onto Trinidad Head, which gave us great views of both the harbor and the ocean:




It’s a cute little town:


The trail had shrubs growing all the way over the top in places:


Before heading home, we stopped on the beach for a bit:



We peeked in the tiny Trinidad Library and picked up some produce at the grocery store before walking back to the RV.  We’re staying another night at the Casino tonight.

Day 77: Farewell to the Redwoods

Today we headed south out of Crescet City on US 101.  We visited the main visitor center for the park, as well as the trail that leads to the “Big Tree”.  This tree was saved from being cut down so its stump could be used as a dance floor:


Our son climbed a redwood fragment:



Tonight we’re parked at the Cher-Ae Heights Casino a bit south of Trinidad, California.  We will be here for a few days focusing on homeschooling before heading south once again.

  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 76: Southward bound, logistics, visiting Stout Grove

This morning we bade farewell to the Lucky 7 Casino.  A special thank you to the Tolowa Nation for hosting us for nearly a week.

We first drove to a day use parking area and broke out the bikes.  The road to Redwood National Park’s Stout Grove is too narrow for RVs, so we had to bike in about 3 miles.  The ride was amazingly beautiful, with huge trees rising up on both sides of the road.

We locked up the bikes for our hike into the grove:



The trees are nearly 400 feet tall.  Here’s a graphic to give you a sense of scale.  Note the person in the lower left corner:



Even with the fisheye, I can’t get the whole tree in the frame:


We enter the grove proper:









We felt so insignificant next to these giants, some of which have lived for a millennium:


I was carrying the bike shoes and helmets:



After we left the grove, we drove to the nearby state campground and did our dump (sewer), fill (fresh water), shower, fill, dump thing. We left clean and with empty sewer tanks and full fresh water, can’t beat that!

Next we headed into Crescent City (again).  We dropped off Tricia at the Laundromat and I took the kids to the visitor center to pick up their Redwoods National Park Junior Ranger workbooks. 

Next, we headed to Walmart.  The RV batteries weren’t taking a charge very well anymore.  The batteries have a two-year replacement policy, so I just took in the old batteries with a copy of the receipt and walked out with two brand new batteries.  Gotta love Walmart!  Even if their batteries aren’t the best, they are inexpensive and can be replaced just about anywhere with no hassle.

We then ran back and picked up the laundry.  Trish headed to Safeway for a grocery run, and I took the kids to hand in their completed Junior Ranger books and get their badges:


I then took the kids to the propane store and refilled the RV’s bottles.  We then returned to pick up Trish at the Safeway.

We’re staying tonight at the Walmart of Crescent City.  It’s a great feeling, having full fresh water, empty sewer, full propane, and brand new batteries.

We’re going to be in Las Vegas with my parents for Chanukah in late November, so tonight we actually planned our itinerary from now until then.  We will be visiting:

  • The southern portion of Redwoods National Park
  • Old town Eureka
  • San Francisco
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Mojave National Preserve

…Hopping from Walmart to Casino as we work our way down South.  Adventure awaits!

  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.