Truck Camper Modifications

Now that I’ve spent a summer in the truck camper, I know what I’d like to improve.

I added a macerating sewer pump so I can dump using a garden hose:


I built, painted, and installed a cabinet door for the cabinet above the refrigerator:


I replaced the bathroom light fixture with a double fixture, and replaced one of the bulbs with a dim bulb, so when just the left side is on, it acts as a Shabbos bathroom night-light:


I purchased a Starlink satelite internet system, so I installed a bulkhead Ethernet adapter to connect the satellite dish on the outside with the electronics on the inside:



This past summer I had trouble with the refrigerator not lighting due to incorrect propane pressure due to altitude.  I added a quick release hose to the propane compartment, both to run a propane-powered generator and also so I can hook up a manometer to measure propane pressure: